Our agent program is a great opportunity for you to earn additional income and help businesses increase their working capital.

Sales agents and brokers can earn commissions by referring their clients and contacts to Pure Funding Solution. The more deals that we fund, the more you get paid. There is no limit to what you can earn. When you refer a client, you will receive monthly commissions as long as your referral stays with us and you remain an Pure Funding Solution agent.

What We Do

Pure Funding Solution provides factoring services, also known as "accounts receivable financing," to transportation companies  in the United States 

Our factoring solutions allow companies to sell their receivables to meet short-term cash obligations. Instead of waiting 30 to 90 days for payment from their customers, companies can sell invoices to Pure Funding Solution and receive same-day funding. Pure Funding Solution as much as 99% of the invoice amount and holds the balance in reserve. Once we collect the full balance of the invoice from a client’s customer, we return the reserve balance, minus a fee for assuming the collection risk.

Why Work With PURE FUNDING ?

As an approved agent with Pure Funding Solution, there is no ceiling on your commissions. Many agents refer contacts to our representatives when they identify a business that needs help with its cash flow. Others pursue opportunities more aggressively. There is no risk involved with becoming an Pure Funding Solution agent, but there is much to gain. Referring contacts to Pure Funding Solution could result in thousands of dollars in extra income per year.